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Optometry by Nature is a podcast website, dedicated to sharing and exchanging ideas and information about pediatric eyecare, for everyone.


In the podcasts, the focus will be on topics mostly in the pediatric scope but also addressing issues all over Optometry.  It will be segmented up so each different podcast can focus on one particular subject and thoroughly explain it.


It is an educational podcast to help others. 



Podcasting is an easy way to share ideas and conversations. Many of my fellow podcasters have had the privelege to lecture or teach pediatric optometry, but find there is never enough time for questions.  Through our podcast we hope to discuss and answer questions in a conversational format (no yelling)

My hope is for the podcasts to  help future or current students of optometry, residents, optometrists, or just anyone curious on the subject. 


About me

My name is Tim Hug and I am a Pediatric Optometrist who has worked at a children's hospital for 25 years, where I also founded a residency program for pediatric optometrists. I love my job and wanted to spread what I have learned to others.  I hope this podcast is a good way to do so.

My colleagues (really friends) and I have a lot of experience in this field and plan on sharing insider tips, tricks, & knowledge.  


About the Podcast

So we hope to provide a variety of topical podcasts on pediatric eye care...here are some areas we think you'll enjoy:

Pediatric Optometry in a hospital setting


Christina Twardowski

Jennifer Qyaum

Pediatric Optometry at Optometry Schools

featuring UAB

Ergonomics of Pediatric Eye Care - Special Guest : Scott Olitsky, MD


PEDIG updates 

Concussion updates with 

Kathy Weise, OD, MBA


with questions, write-ins, or                     future topic ideas 

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